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About Us

History Collective was launched by a group of students of the International Bachelor of History program at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2021.

We are an academic journal made by students for students, or anyone with a passion for history, particularly interested in the intersection between history and contemporary societal issues.


We aspire to ventilate creative thought led by the student community as a way to show the relevance of history, and to provide a safe platform for students from marginalised communities interested in academic research.


History Collective publishes annually, containing a selection of ethically peer-reviewed and open-access articles. We also post on our blog and social media. If you would like to share smaller essays, you can reach us here.

Our Vision

Creating an academic platform for students to write, research and publish their ideas.


Promoting progressive conversations about historical narratives and representations of subaltern communities to counteract racism, misogyny, and classism in academia.


Encouraging social science and humanities students to expand their field of interest and improve their multidisciplinary research skills.


Allowing prospective historians and students to undertake current societal challenges.

Editorial Board

Janset Nil Genç


I am Janset. I have my bachelor’s degree in History and I am currently furthering my knowledge through a Research Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies. I find joy in learning about the late Ottoman Empire and early Turkish Republic. 

Sophie Marijn


My name is Sophie, I have a bachelor's degree in History and study currently Political Science, with an interest in political theory. I am a huge fan of history and politics related to LGBTQA+ topics and believe this should be more included in academic works.

Yukiko Sonntag


My name is Yukiko. I hold a bachelor's degree in History and am currently studying Philosophy at EUR. My specialization is in cultural history, and I am particularly interested in historical representation and memory, as well as the history of social movements.

Yueming Wang


My name is Yueming, I graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam with international history. I am enthusiastic about international relations and the topics related to contemporary China studies with quantitative approach.

Rachnaa van Hunen


I am Rachnaa, I have my bachelor's degree in History. I am a big supporter of multidisciplinary research, and my main academic interests are posthumanism, piracy, displacement, and Indigenous history.

Janne Heymeijer


My name is Janne and I am an international history student at Erasmus University Rotterdam with a focus on cultural history. I have an interest in the histories of communities that are often overlooked and hope through my work to amplify some of those voices. 

Youri Rinsema



My name is Youri and I am a history student at Erasmus University. I have an interest in cultural history and especially Russian culture and how the history of Russia shaped Russian art and music.

My name is Julia and I’m an international student doing my masters in Applied History. I study cultural history, my favorite areas being LGBTQ+ and 20th century histories.

Mariam Manukjan


My name is Mariam and I’m a Global History & International Relations master student. My focus areas in history are Soviet, Caucasus and East Asian history. I specifically like to uncover histories from underrepresented minority groups in those regions.

Julia Sirkin

Advisory Board

Professor Dr. Maria Grever

Professor Dr. Paul van de Laar

Professor Dr. Alex van Stipriaan Luïscius

Professor Dr. Ben Wubs

Professor Dr. Dick Douwes

Professor Dr. Kees Ribbens

Professor Dr. Gijsbert Oonk

Dr. Maarten van Dijck

Dr. Yuri van Hoef

Dr. Daniel Curtis

Dr. Lara Green

Dr. Tina van der Vlies

Dr. Jeroen Euwe

Dr. Pieter van den Heede

Dr. Iwona Gusc

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