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Volume I

This is the online edition of our first volume. Here you can read the full text, or choose to read individual articles. The articles are listed as followed:

Article I

Maartje de Koeijer - Depicting Palestine: The Religious Nature of De Volkskrant and Its Influence on Reporting on Palestine in 1948 and 2002

Article II

Melanie Lim - Honey, It's Just Camp: An Inquiry into the History of Camp Culture from the 1960s to Modern-day Pop Culture

Article III: 

Sebastian Kuthe Fuentes - "The people and time will tell if I am an artist" Music as a Way of Political Action in Chile Since the 1960s

Article IV: 

Elina Ziehm - Hot As Hell: The Cold War’s Impact on Nation-Building in Former Indochina

Article V: 

W.E. Dung - We Forgot How to Future: The Neoliberal Destruction of Great Works

Access the PDFs here:

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